Hyperzosin REALLY DOES work!

Buffalo, New York 0 comments

I'm a 42 year old male who's in great shape and who works out and does cardio everyday.Before Hyperzosin, my BP was around 147/89 and after a few months it lowered to around 110/69.

You need to excercise and eat right also. Hyperzosin with a healthy lifestyle makes all the difference. I've re-ordered 5 times. You can save 20% by typing SAVENOW20 in the coupon code space.

So all you skeptics who feel like you have been "scammed"....get off the sofa, throw away the Crispy Cremes and get your fat *** to the gym!!!

If it smells rotten...Hyperzosin "offer"

Big Pine Key, Florida 0 comments

After reading the entire offer for "free" one-month supply, I detected a strong rotten smell.My experience has been if something smells rotten it probably is rotten.

I then did a google search and found this site which underscores the my impression with this "free offer". I decided this was a case of another product offering which sounds too good to be true and decided not to offer. This is intended as merely a heads up to other to read carefully the terms of all so called free offers.

Rememer the old adage that if something sounds too good to be true it is.

Hyperzosin - Blood Pressure soars after being deceived

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I am totally upset with Hyperzosin.They advertized an amazing breakthru in high blood pressure.

I sent the postage for the sample bottle, went into the hospital and a pkg. of three bottles were delivered to my house that I did not order. They were sent back the day they were received as I was in the hospital and could not use them. Now they deny receiving them back and won't refund the $200 they charged my credit card without permission.

This is not what was advertized on TV networks or Oprah as claimed.

Everyone with high bp beware.


Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I do not usually write these reviews, but when I saw that some folks did not like this product I had to tell my success story with it.I use Hyperzosin and quite frankly my Blood pressure has dropped quite significantly...I stopped for a while and my Blood Pressure went back up again.

The price is ok in my opinion, the shipping was as they described it. The product works as it was advertised and is everything they claim it to be, for me anyway.

I like the product and will continue to use it until it stops working.

Hyperzosin scam

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

I took the pills for the trial period and found my blood pressure got very high - much worse than before I started thepills. On April 21, 2008 I cancelled the order and wasn't told another shipment had been shipped 3 days before (very convenient). Three more bottles arrived for which I was charged $99.00. I believe the product was shipped after I called.

I called and talked to a "Ruth". She wouldn't give her last name because it's "against company policy". Again, very convenient.

It's now too late to return the product and I've essentially wasted $150.00 which I can't afford. What a "scam".

Hyperzosin scam

Santa Barbara, California 0 comments

Did not lower my bloodpressure after 30days.157/99 this morning day 29.

They need to shut down all the scams and fine the helk out of these people. I took two pills everyday and measured my blood pressure each morning and night. Pressure was higher when I get up, but never went down. My pressure was 140/85 with the prescribed medication I have been taking for 5 years.

So my blood pressure went up using Hyperzosin as advertized. I am active and climb stairs all day as my business is upstairs. This product is nothing more than picking your pocket!!!

Thus the weak 2 week refund..............


London, England 0 comments
Not resolved

An absolute scam doesnt work Stress is the major factor in all blood pressure problems no herb will reduce it will you remain stressed FACT!! The only true way to reduce blood pressure is to relax the body the fact is that when we get anxious or stressed our veins also contract making less room for the blood which increase the pressure so dont be fooled by herbal claims save your money Meditation or mindful meditation will help a website i used and it worked in no time for anxiety and stress ocd ptsd was http://www.guardianrelease.com try it it is the most natural way of being i proved it beyond doubt

Review about: Hyperzosin.

Hyperzosin - Buyer Beware

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

Buyer please beware!Since I didn't cancel my order for Hyperzosin within the 14 day trial period, I immediately incurred a minimum non-refundable charge of $248.00 (about $17/day).

That's $49 for the first bottle and $99 for the next three automatically charged to your account and non-refundable after the trial period. Taking 2 tablets daily as recommended, Hyperzosin did not lower my blood pressure within the 14 day trial period or even after 30 days. From my experience, I don't recommend trying Hyperzosin.

The product and marketing practices appear to be a complete scam!!!

Hyperzosin scam

Los Angeles, California 2 comments

I had the same experience with the company that sells hyperzosin.i thought it was a free trial for $2.99- later you find that is the shipping fee and if you do not return the product within a very short period of time you are charged $49.

and less than 1 week later another package arrives and a charge of $99! i was shocked! when i called they said the product was not returnable. I then called my credit card company and sent the product back unopened.

i am waiting to see what they do now! never again will i buy something on line! what was i thinking! i only hope my card will not be used for some other purpose as well.

i am thinking of cancelling the card and get another with a new number!



Regarding Hyperzosin

I was told that I would have a free trial and only had to pay shipping charge of 6.95. if I like it the term was that I would received the next order, 3 bottles for $99 once every 3 months. I ended up being charged $49.95 for the bottle that was supposed to be free. Not only that, the very next week, I found that my bank account had been debited twice in one week for 109.95 on September 2 and the 4th. A total of 219.90. That was not the term of the agreement. I have not evern receive the shipments for the new charges and they expect me to return within 25 days. This over draft charges caused, my bank to charge over drafts fees. Because of Hyperzosin sold by Nutritional Science Laboratories, I will never give my credit card number or pay for anything through my bank account over the phone or internet again. I am very disappointed and will have to find out how I will may ends meet the rest of the month. I was only trying to find a natural way to lower my blood pressure, and ended up raising my blood pressure being stressed over how I am going to make ends meet the rest of the month.

I did not give consent to have my checking account drafted twice in a week.

Durand, Wisconsin, United States #11561

The terms on the site are clear, I read them and decided not to order. But you didnt, you were greedy thinking you could get some free product and when you were too lazy to read the terms and comply, they charged you and now you complain ? You deserve to lose $150 as a ***/greedy tax.

Hyperzosin bad choice

Tyler, Texas 20 comments

First thing to notice is the 14 day trial begins when you order. 4-6 days later you receive the product, and if they mail you a 30 day supply.

If you can determine that hawthorn and garlic lower your blood pressure in 5-7 days, then great, if not, you must return unused pills (what do they want with unused pills-use them again?)? If you do not return them, you are charged $49 for the bottle they sent you, then $99 for the three bottles they will.

In essence if you are committed to a $150 trial no problem, otherwise don't waste your time and money. The product did not work for me, and I am unhappy with the very rude customer service.



Has anyone had side effects like musculo skeletal pain? Joints, muscle pain?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #30015


Listen folks, I worked on an ambulance for years, had elevated BP since I was a kid, I consider myself a specialist in BP now I know what works and what does not work, Corgard 40 MG lowers your pulse and was a blood pressure medication that I will take for life. The reason is it is hard to stop taking it but persons who work on stage such as musicians have used it because it some how effects the edrenolin(not spelled right) who cares, this product(hyperzosin) does work and in most cases anxiety is a major cause of labile Hypertention. If your BP is high just eat a piece of raw garlic and your BP will be lowered, Hawthorn is known to aid in such situations along with garlic, magnesium and potassium. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. But!!! you must excercise that is walk every single day, and do some resistance excercise to lower tension.

Fish oils, nattokinase a natural blood thinner from Japanese natto cheese. Nattokinase in itself can lower your blood pressure. Don't leave anything to just one pill or your missing the boat. My BP is 112/77 today and thats great. I feel sluggish because I need a higher BP that I know for sure.

Do your home work.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #12910

I was fillingout the order form and decided to do a search, glad I did, I would have been pissed if they wanted me to test it for one day. I will look into ordering off ebay, some one said it was less costly.

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States #11816

I use a different product called Hypavera and get great results. They are a very ethical company and do no have such a program but do have a 1 year guarantee so you have plenty of time to try it.

Delta, Utah, United States #10147

I think most of you are hoping that it won't work so you can have something to knock, but Hyperzosin works.The ingredients are proven to work historically anyway.

Open your eyes!!!Get it cheaper on Ebay.

Delta, Utah, United States #10146

I have been using Hyperzosin for a month and it works.I think most of you are angry about the free trial offer.

Try purchasing it on ebay.It really has lowered my blood pressure, and I take my BP everyday.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #9301

Yes I was scamed as well contacted credit card co. and disputed the charge. *** CROOKS

Spring City, Tennessee, United States #9188

Skeptics! Skeptics! You'll listen to all the negative reviews, opinions, etc., to perhaps your own detriment.

Whenever there is a great product out there, skeptics and negative people will never fail to have a thrashing at it. That's just like life, all great things have at one time or another have been rediculed and violently opposed, but the journey is worth taking because in the end, when you put our positive energy, you can't help but attract it back to you.

Although, the reviews in here are mostly negative, I have read even far more greater reviews on Hyperzosin and I for one am a happy customer.


Newport, Oregon, United States #7913

It says to return the unused portion.......how about leaving one pill in the bottle and returning it the next day?

Scam the scammers

Gaston, Oregon, United States #7858

so pay the $59 for one bottle and try it out, if doesnt work o-well, you are not commited to anything.I think thats the route i will go, i have not found anything actually negative about the product yet.

you should know free doesnt mean free!im willing to spend $62.50 (incl S&H) for the possibility of getting off the these pills i get from the doctor, you wanna talk scams thats the real scam.

Athena, Oregon, United States #7796

Just remember if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. 99.9% of the "free" pitches on the internet are scams. I perfer my garlic on toast, thanks :--)

Watonga, Oklahoma, United States #7753

I wanted to try the FREE Trial for 30 days, and Then decide if I wanted to make an order.But after reading the "Terms and Conditions", I hesitated, thinking it was to restricted.

I searched the 'net for references to this product (as I always do) and came upon this Forum.

Now I'm convinced it's just a sales pitch.I'll try the ingredients on my own.

Mulhall, Oklahoma, United States #7651

I tried the product with little success, my blood pressure never was lowered for the 3 weeks I tried the product...the only effect I received was diarhea.

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, United States #7558

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It has saved my time and money.

Thompson, Ohio, United States #7363

man - I had the order form up and decided to open another window and check it out. Thanks,

I knew better, but got sucked in since it was said to be endorsed by Ophra.

thanks for posting this.

Bob . Indianapolis, IN

Millersburg, Ohio, United States #7146

Thanks for posting your results.I'm 31 years old and discovered that I have chronic high blood pressure during pregnancy.

The baby is 1 now and I still have it. I have to take two pills everyday for the rest of my life.

I should've Known a miracle herbal remedy would be too good to be true.Thanks again.

Kalida, Ohio, United States #7066

:zdid Oprah really recomend this??

Hudson, Ohio, United States #7053

I have used just plain Hawthorne

for years and have had a great

result. Don't waste your money on

Hyperzosin. One thing that really

works is high fiber. Try Benefiber

daily with Hawthorne taken 2x's

a day . Take 3 capsules in the

morning and and 3 at night...

Crown City, Ohio, United States #6934

I had a similar nasty experience. My pills did not arrive in the mail until today March 31st from a March 20 order. It is IMPOSSIBLE to test a medical product in 1 day and expect results or ascertain its effectiveness.

Also as per the offer - I technically have 1 day to test the product which does not even leave me 1 day to return the unused portion. What they expect customers to do in effect take 1 pill and return it by Fedex the next day in order to make your impossible deadline. In addition Fedex would cost a fortune.

It is clear that this whole online purchase program from nutritionalsciencelabs.com is a scam.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #5577

Sounded like a scam to me so I immediately did a search and found this Hyperzosin article, glad I did. Crooks will try anything to get your credit card or checking account and then stick it to ya.

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